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Architect ⎸ Ferndale MI

Corporate Cafeteria

A complete make-over breathes new life into a dated cafeteria

A large corporation located in Highland Park, MI was in desperate need of a re-vitalized cafeteria for their employees.  The cafeteria had been a hub of centralized activity in decades past but the acoustic suspended ceiling and vinyl asbestos floor tiles did not create a very desirable space.

We wanted to create a space that embraced the history of the company while also turning a new page.  The space was completely gutted and a small band of windows at the back of the room was enlarged fourfold to help bring in more natural light.   Previously buried brick walls were re-exposed as was the steel infrastructure.  The floor tiles were removed and the exposed concrete was ground and polished smooth to produce a refined and low maintenance finish.

The images shown here are the 3d renderings that we produce as part of our design process and were presented to the client prior to proceeding with construction.