Over the years I have been asked on several occasions why we use the name “Crossings Architecture” (instead of “Smith and Smith Architects” for example). A crossing is a point where two non-parallel lines meet – such as a cross-roads. It is often this point of intersection where interesting and sometimes amazing things can happen. Such is the case when my path crosses your path and we begin to discuss the possibilities for your project. Architecture would be not only boring, but rather impossible if this intersection did not occur.

Crossings Architecture strives to bridge the gap between a client’s dreams and the reality of getting those dreams into built form. We bridge this gap with over 20 years of experience in the practice of architecture coupled with 10 years of building our own design/build projects. The time spent working hands-on in the field provides us with insight into the design and construction process that is not easily achieved working at a desk each day.

We are currently back to functioning as a more traditional architectural firm as we have an exceptional working relationship with a few select construction companies to help our clients produce the best product possible. Our work ranges from residential to commercial but also includes smaller commissions for custom design/build furniture and other accessories.

We use the most cutting edge 3d CAD software to help us design and present our work to our clients. Our clients love having photo-realistic renderings of their projects so they can know for certain what the final product will look like before they commit to the expense of construction. Within our office, we love using the software as it helps us to produce better designs by giving us more opportunities to fully investigate a design before presenting it to our clients.

Crossings Architecture was originally started as a partnership of four people in 1994. Over the years the various partners have moved on to other endeavors while the company is currently maintained as an LLC by Jeff Royer. Jeff has had a very active role in the execution of Crossings’ design/build projects working full time on-site and hands-on during the construction process. Will Wittig, one of the former partners, now teaches full time in the school of architecture at the University of Detroit. In addition to the traditional design studio, Will teaches classes on sustainability and energy and is LEED certified. Will provides consulting services in these areas when specific projects require his input.

That's me - a little younger and willing to get my hands dirty!